Jackpot 13/13 Game Rules 

Game Rules

The Jackpot is based on the outcome of thirteen (13) pre-selected football events

We will endeavour to provide jackpot selections (“Draw”) on a weekly basis, subject to the availability of suitable matches (“Fixtures”).

Entry fee will be set at US$1.00 (one US Dollar) or an equivalent in your local currency (please refer to Currency Exchange section) for each 13/13 combination you choose.

You must have sufficient funds in your account to play.

You will be presented with 13/13 Fixtures upon which to predict the 1 X 2 outcome

A winning combination is that which predicts the correct 1 X 2 outcome of all 13 fixtures 

You must select and confirm your predicted outcome of 13 Fixtures to successfully enter the Draw. 

You may use our random selector, but it is your responsibility to check the predicted outcomes before placing your bet.  We are not responsible in any way should you choose to rely on any predicted outcomes provided by the random selector. Our random selector does not automatically enter you into the Draw.

Jackpot Combination Bets - We offer the opportunity to select double chance (1&X, X&2 or 1&2) outcomes a set number of Fixtures of your choice.  
You can maximize your potential gain with a Jackpot double combination bet which allows you to place a bet with two options on a single game, on a limited number of games from the listed thirteen jackpot games in one jackpot bet. The more double combinations placed, the higher the chances of winning, see “Jackpot Combination Bet” below for further details and how sakes are calculated.

Jackpot Terms and Conditions

Your bets will be handled in line with our General Terms and Conditions including relevant Game Rules, Betting Terms and Conditions and these Jackpot Terms and Conditions.

Bets need to be placed before the cut off time (“Deadline”) to be eligible for the relevant Draw.  

The Deadline is the official kick-off of the earliest game in the Draw or an earlier time as we shall determine.  We reserve the right to void any bets placed after the Deadline including any bets accepted in error on the website after the Deadline.

Successfully placed bets will be displayed, together with entry and event outcome predictions, will be listed within the ‘Bet History’ area of your account. 

Each Fixture’s result will be shown in your bet slip upon the completion of each Fixture and you can check the status of your bet at any time in your ’Bet History’.

Where a jackpot Fixture is cancelled or postponed for more than 72 hours, either an official public draw shall be carried out, or a certified computerised random number generator will be used to determine the result of the missing Fixture result.  This applies also for any Jackpot Combination Bets. 

In the event that three or more Fixtures are cancelled, interrupted, abandoned, suspended or postponed for more than 72 hours, we may at our discretion, cancel the Draw and refund all stakes placed.  This applies also for any Jackpot Combination Bets.

Your bets will be handled in line with our General Terms and Conditions including relevant Game Rules and Betting Terms and Conditions


Jackpot winners may be contacted to visit one of our offices or other location of our choice to take part in media publicity and/or photograph session. If you agree to participate in the publicity, we reserve the right to use your details and image for our brand marketing and promotions. This includes, but is not limited to your name, details of your winnings, your city and country, age and profession.  

Your details and image may also be used at our sole discretion without any further payments being made you. This include the use of your details, radio recordings, motion and still images for our brand marketing, promotions and literature.

If you choose to remain anonymous, we shall alter details that would otherwise make you identifiable and reserve the right to publish correct details of your winnings, your city and country, age and profession.  
Prizes and Pay-outs

The guaranteed jackpot for the Draw will be displayed on this website in US Dollars or a converted currency amount depending on which country you have registered from.  Any Jackpot amounts displayed on our website in currencies other than US Dollars are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and are provided as an indication only.

The Jackpot amount is subject to change on a weekly basis. 

The Jackpot will be divided equally amongst all Jackpot winners, subject to the currency exchange conditions outlined in the Currency Exchange section. 

We reserve the right to pay out any prize share or winnings to a winner in a number of tranches and by whichever means of payment we so determine, including, but not limited to international money order, cheque or bank transfer.

We reserve the right to fully confirm the identity of any winner before any payment is made in line with our Standard Terms and Conditions and to conclude such identity to our satisfaction prior to making any payment.

Winners must contact our Customer Service Team to claim their Prize/Pay Out.  The period for claiming is thirty (30) days.  Failure to do so may deem the Prize/Pay Out is forfeit.

Jackpot Combination Bet

You can maximize your potential gain with a Jackpot double combination bet which allows you to place a bet with two options on a single game, on a limited number of games from the listed thirteen jackpot games in any one Jackpot bet. 

The more double combinations placed, the higher the chances of winning. Calculation of the number of a double combination bet is equal to 2n (where n is the number of double combinations). For instance 4 double combinations will be equivalent to 16(2*2*2*2) single jackpot bets. 

Calculation of the cost of a double combination bet is as follows: number of combinations (2n, where n is the number of double combinations)*US$ 1.00, for instance for four jackpot double combinations, cost will be calculated as 2*2*2*2=16 combinations*USD1.00 = US$16.00 for the bet placed. 

In case of n double combinations placed, each of the 2n single sets of 13 predictions is taken as an individual bet and will be eligible to win the Jackpot; 

Jackpot Bonuses:

We may offer Jackpot bonusses from time to time at our discretion.

Any Jackpot bonus amount shall be determined by us and will be declared per draw.

Jackpot bonusses may be made available to players with correct predictions on the set of 13 games of the respective weekly Jackpot as follows: 
1.    Twelve (12) out of thirteen (13) correct predictions;
2.    Eleven (11) correct predictions out of thirteen (13) predictions;
3.    Ten (10) correct predictions out of thirteen (13) predictions;

The Jackpot bonus amount shall vary between the various Jackpot bonusses. 

Any Jackpot bonus shall be divided equally among the Jackpot bonus winners if more than one winner, within the respective class. 

Roll Over Jackpot Fund

The initial 13/13 Jackpot will be a guaranteed minimum US $100,000.

If the Jackpot for a specific Draw is not won, any Jackpot amount over and above the guaranteed US $100,000 will be added to the Jackpot for the next Draw.

The value of the Jackpot may increase over time.

We reserve the right to withdraw the guaranteed minimum US $100,000 at any time.

Currency Exchange

The Jackpot uses US Dollars as its base currency. Pay Outs in other currencies will be subject to the then current exchange rates. We will not be responsible for fluctuations in exchange rates on Pay Outs as these may be determined by the remitting bank, the receiving bank, or any other parties involved in remitting Pay Outs.

Fluctuation of exchange rates does mean the advertised Jackpot amount is liable to fluctuate if indicated in a currency other than US Dollars.  Fluctuations in exchange rates can sometimes benefit players in different countries as a larger than indicated Jackpot fund may be available when the local currency is weak against the US Dollar.  Similarly an advertised Jackpot fund may be less if a local currency strengthens against the US Dollar.

Stakes may fluctuate per bet.  Being an international website, the stake is set at equivalent to 1 (One) US Dollar and will be converted by us to local currency 

Stakes for the Jackpot draw will typically be set as follows, but will be amended in advance of each draw if necessary, subject to prevailing exchange rates:

Country - Player Wallet Currency - Stake in Currency*
Botswana    US$    1.00
Brazil    BRL    6.00
Canada    CA$    1.50
Croatia    HRK    6.00
Curacao    US$    1.00
Democratic Republic of Congo    US$    1.00
Egypt    US$    1.00
Ethiopia    US$    1.00
Finland    Euro    1.00
Ghana    GHS    6.00
Hungary    HUF    310.00
Iceland    ISK    125.00
India    INR    75.00
Ireland    Euro    1.00
Isle of Man    GBP    1.00
Kazakhstan    US$    1.00
Kenya    KSH    110.00
Lithuania    Euro    1.00
Luxembourg    Euro    1.00
Malawi    US$    1.00
Mexico    MXN    22.00
Morocco    US$    1.00
Namibia    US$    1.00
New Zealand    NZ$    1.60
Nigeria    NGN    400.00
Norway    NOK    10.00
Panama    USD    1.00
Peru    PEN    4.00
Qatar    US$    1.00
Rwanda    RWF    1,000.00
Slovenia    EUR    1.00
Slovakia    EUR    1.00
UAE    US$    1.00
Uganda    UGX    3750.00
Ukraine    Euro    1.00
Vietnam    VND    23000
Zambia    ZMW    20.00
Zimbabwe    US$    1.00

NB – this list is not exhaustive and is provided by way of a guide only.        

If the exchange rate fluctuates and determines that currency stake amount is worth less than US$1.00, prizes received by players staking in local currency may be altered accordingly, compensating for the differing values when calculating any split of the Jackpot between multiple winners.